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cross posted. so.. i noticed a sore throat 4-5 days ago. it started to get extremely swollen so i went to the dr. he looked at it and told me it looks like either strep throat or mono and i would have to go to the hospital to get tests done. it was the worst experience ever. they did a throat culture and shoved a cotton swab in the back of my neck and began scrapping at the swollen parts. you better believe i was gagging like hell. im very suprised i didnt throw up on him hahaha. anyways they're 88% sure it isn't strep. 24 more hours till they're COMPLETELY sure. i've been in bed for all these days and i'm so sick of my room. i havent eaten ANYTHING for 5 days. I tried to eat broth and i got very nausous [sp?] im pretty sure im dying. tomorrow is my boyfriend's birthday and i better be feeling well enough to go to his birthday dinner. he ALWAYS does stuff like that for me. and i always fail him when stuff like that comes up for him. anyways im thinking its mono because i found these red bumps all over the palms of my hands. and i read you usually get a rash with mono. but they're rash is on the back of their neck - pea sized bumps. so my dad called the dr and she said it might just be a reaction to the benedryl or something. i'm so scared. i cried all day when he sent me to the hospital. i felt like sucha freak driving my car and bawling my eyes out - yes im a huge baby. i have pictures. you have to see how swollen my neck is, its like i dont have a chin at all......

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holy huge!
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then i found it extremely amusing. my grandfather came over and reminded me of something he used to do to fix our colds. and he puts vicks vapor rub on a bandana and ties it around your neck to sleep in. i felt like a hardcore kid.
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thats all. i'll stop grossing you out now with my sickness.
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