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let me smear your makeup

name. age. location:
--canadian prairies

10 bands:
i like all music. and not in that i-want-to-be-trendy-so-i'll-say-i-like-everything way. no, i mean you could play me a fucking polka and i'd love you forever. but i'll humour you with a list of some music-makers that i like:
--corb lund band
--sudden infant dance syndrome [local- synth]
--the eels
--ani difranco
--modest mouse
--the ditty bops
--the weakerthans
--sweatshop union
--the pogues

7 movies:
--pulp fiction
--tank girl
--fight club
--what the bleep do we know
--dancing in the dark
--pretty in pink
--mulholland drive

5 books: narrowing it down to just five was really hard.
--free fall by william golding
--godbody by theodore sturgeon
--the unbearable lightness of being by milan kundera
--our father who art in a tree by judy pascoe
--the apprenticeship of duddy kravitz by mordecai richler

a few sentences about yourself:
--i do at least three crossword puzzles a week because i'm a dork.
--almost every month i go on a big thrifting spree, buy tons of dirt cheap clothing, alter it all to fit me and give my wardrobe a general overhaul.
--also almost every month i spend a weekend and a small fortune (on dyes and such) changing my hair colour and style. i have been accused of being an emotional self-stylist. the accuser might have been on to something...
--i like to use the british/canadian spelling for most words that have that option. one exception is the word 'labor', for which i usually opt to not include the 'u'.
--i find most people wearing suits to be incredibly attractive, regardless of the their gender or actual attractiveness.
--the other day i found a pressed carnation inside my copy of harry potter and the order of the phoenix. i thought i had taken them all out, so it was a nice surprise.

promote in 2 places and post the link here:
--and here

have friends? post a few pictures of their hot asses:
i like to label my friends. sorry if that bugs you.

rosalie, my trendy friend. (bad picture)

susan, my stoner/best friend. and that's adrienne on her shoulder.

anna, my amazingly quirky writer friend. and cassie, my little creative friend.

shevy, my crazy menthol-smoking friend. lily, my sarcastic sort-of-hippie friend. thomas, my scenester friend.

tory, my super-skinny sweetheart friend. and brad, he's just a hilarious chain-smoking guy.

and i wish i had a picture of my amazing photographer/music-guru friend jen, but she's usually the one taking the pictures. plus she's not a huge fan of the internets.

6+ pictures of yourself, not overly photoshopped:

most recent:

(tiny because technology hates me.)

150x150, for the members page:

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