brick_shithous (brick_shithous) wrote in elite_riot,

Let me Smear your Makeup.

name. age. location; Teresa. 15. Maryland.
10 bands; Blood for Blood. The Orphans. The Smiths. The Cure. Leftover Crack. Against me. Defiance, Ohio. Thulsa Doom. Lost World. Garmonbozia.

7 movies; Blue Citrus Hearts. Gummo. Pink Flamingos. Shawshank Redemption. City of God. Acts of Worship. Trainspotting.
5 books; Anything by Charles Bukowski. Anything by Henry Rollins. Cunt: A decleration of Indapendence. Smack. Go Ask Alice.
a few sentences about yourself; I enjoy being on my period. I love my friends, more than anything. I hate applying makeup. Having to modify everything i own so It'll fit me right...I like my beer. And i likeee my smokes.
promote in 2 places and post the link here;,

have friends? post a few pictures of their hot asses;-My best friends.
6+ pictures of yourself, not overly photoshopped;

150x150, for the members page;


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